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“In more cases, we learn more by looking for the answers to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself” Lloyd Alexander

What is Eureka Exams?

  • Man has been searching for answers to his questions since Archimedes, and as such we designed Eureka Exams as a tool to assess the knowledge of the student and help him improving it through taking as many questions as possible.
  • Teachers can use Eureka Exams to assess and develop their students, parents can use it to follow-up their children education, and students will use it to practice different types of questions and understand their weaknesses if any.
  • Built by a group of pedagogues, technologists and data scientists, Eureka exams tries to fill the gap of electronic assessments in Middle East Education market.

Why Eureka Exams?

  • Believing is Seeing.  So the exam results are a good proof of good learning.
  • Student performance in exams explores his/her weaknesses and directs attention to re-study these areas.
  • High marks in final exams depends on two factors; to know the facts, and to be able to show knowledge of these facts in different situations.  The later depends on training to face questions and answer them effectively in time.

How does Eureka Exams work?

  • Having fun is not the least feature of Eureka Exam; we tried to make Eureka Exams a friendly platform with a lot of multimedia enriched questions and surrounding activities to break the notorious nature of exams.
  • An important aspect of Eureka Exams is Analytics, with an engine that captures every question answered by the student we will be able to provide deep insights on the strengths and weaknesses of students capabilities in different subjects and advise them on best path to improve.
  • Technology and Pedagogy have one thing in common; with no end point for either of them.  We promise our visitors that that we will always add to the platform to make it more useful for students, their parents and their teachers.

Eureka Exams Team