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How does Eureka help you excel?

Integrated exams

You will be able to build custom exams according to your study needs. Choose the parts of the curriculum that you want to test in as well as the types of questions and the degree of difficulty of the test. You can share this test with your colleagues if you like. You also have the ability to assess your level of knowledge at any time any number of times.

Question and Answer

You will always find hundreds of exams that have been entered from different sources, whether they are from Ministry of Education forms, examinations from previous school years, or exams prepared by distinguished teachers. You can measure your level with these tests and find out how well you are compared to other students in your class.

Performance evaluation

With the multi-functional and easy-to-use analytics panel at the same time, you will be able to review your performance in every subject or study unit and find out your strengths and weaknesses during different time periods. You will now be able to work on improving your performance in the parts of your performance and developing educational plans that improve your level.

Competitions hall

Eureka Games will launch many interactive competitions as well as away from the computer to motivate students to show their skills in understanding the prescribed curricula and to have fun competing during education. Start preparing now, as there are valuable prizes waiting for you.